Monday, January 4, 2016

Enhydra Solutions

The project of building a resume for our team proved both valuable and enjoyable.  It was great to virtually meet and closely work with the class colleagues who will be my team members for this cohort.  I was pleased to find as we worked on this task that they also hold themselves to a high standard of workmanship.  Everyone effectively contributed in a measurable way and was dedicated to delivering a high-quality product to spec., to the best of our abilities.  The natural dynamics and synergy of the team were also surprisingly effortless.  Furthermore, the meeting was well organized, efficient and respectful.  

The team's combined skills and experiences are impressive.  In reviewing our viable professional offerings and the corresponding expertise necessary to deliver them, I learn, and am continuously inspired and reminded, of the need to make a specialized, targeted decision regarding my prospective profession, so that I pursue and master its qualifications or skills required by the time I graduate from the program in 2017.  It's a lofty, but achievable goal.  I am driven to dovetail my computer science education, my coding proficiencies, and career.  It's exciting, and there are a lot of possibilities ahead.  Current research for my Industry Analysis paper is further guiding me toward this end.

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