Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finals Week! (Module 8)

The last couple of months have flown by, and the final week of our Pro-Seminar is arrived.  Most of all, I've enjoyed the opportunities to conduct some research on the tech. industry, further hone my writing skills and study techniques, develop some detailed career and academic plans and goals, study a variety of topics from project management to ethics, and collaborate with a great team.  With respect to Team Enhydra Solutions, I think we're solid and work well together.  Appreciating busy work-life schedules, we've still made time to meet twice weekly for an hour or more.  I look forward to continuing our collaboration in our Python/Multimedia class during the next module.  Otherwise, perhaps one of the most important accomplishments I've had, or what I will take with me is a greater sense of ease when it comes to publishing content online.  I'll take that and my improved writing skills with me to my next job, and I'll take up blogging on other subjects than my academic progress....

Our final videos:

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