Monday, February 8, 2016

Module 5

Part I.

It's been wonderful reading my colleagues' blogs on their educational and career goals.

When I read Wayne's blog, I got a sense that his aspirations and hard work will come to fruition because he has clearly researched and decided where his education will lead him.  In general, I am impressed with goals that are very specific because, as we read last week, goals can be so powerful, and, also, one can't reach a goal if it isn't firstly, accurately defined.  Wayne, if you happen to read this, I wish you all the best as you pursue your Masters at what will be our alma mater and a PhD at Carnegie Mellon in Computer Science.  Those are outstanding goals, and we know you can achieve them, so keep up the hard work!  Your aiming high will certainly be worthwhile when you forge a diverse, satisfying career both in academia and at a tech giant, World Wide Tech, the 28th best tech company for which to work in 2015, according to Fortune Magazine.  Your determination is inspiring, so thank you for sharing.

Similarly, it was great to read Shawn's blog and learn that he has set the goal of continuously working for the next twenty years, as he has for the same number past, which is very admirable.  I also relate to his sentiment that it's been so great to join a BS program and to be underway with it that successfully graduating seems like a wonderful end and accomplishment at this time in terms of educational goals.  Shawn, if you happen to chance upon this paragraph, I hope you get all you dreamt you would from this program!  Best of luck to you, and we know you'll achieve whatever you set out to do if you keep up the hard work, dedication and work-life balance, the latter allowing valuable time to spend with your family and friends, as you mentioned was important.

Part II.

For my capstone project, I would like to build software and/or an app.  Applications might include charitable projects within the city's social services arena, the non-profit environmental sector or academia.

Part III.

In addition to reading about ethics, cognitive biases, assumptions and inferences, logic, and argumentation, I'm reviewing the materials provided to assist students with preparing their internship applications in order to complete and submit one this week.

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