Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Module 5

It's good to read in the HuffPost, in Silicon Valley’s Race to Hack Happiness, that coders are trying to build apps that aim to increase people's happiness and add to the greater good in society.  These efforts are laudable, and it's good to see hackathons like Wisdom 2.0 and the Happiness App Challenge further promote them.  The article claims that anxiety and depression are on the rise in our society. (Is that really the case?  Do we now tend in greater numbers to lead more isolated, stressed, nasty, unfulfilled lives than our forbearers did?  Or, rather, is there simply now more acceptance towards and openness regarding unhappiness, individualism, or mental health or illness, as the case may be, that has led to an increased discussion or reporting of either?)  In any case, again, since people spend so much time on their smartphones, increasing happiness is a highly commendable development project, which I will look further into in hopes of joining.

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