Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Python Course End

The three key take-aways from my final project -- a reverse spectrogram that transforms images to sounds:
  • Multimedia is remarkably fungible, if you will, thanks to digital data/digitization.  Audio bit depth and amplitude can numerically relate to image pixels.
  • Image and sound manipulation in Python.
  • Pair programming is an acquired skill that requires practice. Its challenges for me involved differing skill levels between team-members, my ability to concentrate or focus in a group setting, my ability to articulate/communicate difficult or abstruse concepts.  Some solutions involve delineating a clear plan and outline of responsibility, improved efforts to communicate, patience and research.
It was a fun project to build, but please lower the volume before playing because it is highly discordant!  Brace yourself; here is an example of output:

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