Friday, June 17, 2016

SQL Final Project

Our team decided to design and build a music streaming database for our final project in SQL, something similar to Spotify and consisting of artist, album, subscriber, playlist, etc. entities and their corresponding relationships and attributes.  Both the processes of working with the team and reviewing the many lessons and concepts we've learned over the course, thereby, proved to be educational and, also, enjoyable.  One of the biggest challenges I've faced working with a team in the classroom setting has been the lack of both managerial direction and subsequent communication to fill that void.  When time constraints exist, duplicating work and comparing output tends to be a luxury for which there is insufficient resource.  Organization becomes critical in planning and delineating responsibilities, as does a sense of urgency and timeliness in executing on the project, a challenge given diverse schedules and commitments outside the program.  I think it must be somewhat similar to the workplace environment, obviously, absent the manager, since we are all colleagues here of equal footing, and these are typical challenges any group and group project must face.  But I just think there was significant improvement, this time, in all these respects, and I feel very good about our working situation, which is very pleasant.  Working with a team benefitted me in that I gained greater clarity over, understanding of, SQL rules, best practices, code and concepts, such as those in database modeling and writing the SQL commands, sometimes via some rigorous, constructive discussion/debate.  Each team member contributed a great deal and brought their strengths/knowledge for the benefit of the project.  We wish we had more time to finish the final and add additional code to showcase what we've learned, given the deadline was moved forward, but all aspects of the spec. have been addressed, and it's satisfactory to submit on time.  I've read that, in the professional workplace, this is also an issue, where one doesn't want to complete a project because one feels there is still more to be done; yet, it's best to just deliver it, to some extent.

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