Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Internet Programming!

I didn't think I wanted to pursue a career, specifically, in front-end web design and development, but, I must say, writing HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Languge) and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) this week was a lot of fun, very enjoyable.  My personal website utilizes the bootstrap framework and showcases links, tables, images, various other elements and attributes and a little bit of CSS3's WebKit for Safari and Chrome.  My goals were to keep the DOM organized, without redundant or thoughtless markup, and to imitate something of the look of modern web design.  There's room for improvement in these respects, but I'm happy to have produced this product and am inspired to write more and keep it up.  Also, I've set up a foundation on which I could add JavaScript or JQuery, in the future.

Configuring a connection to the host on Aptana wasn't difficult, but maintaining the file path in the Project Explorer was, somewhat; like Eclipse, with which I have some experience, it's rather finicky.  I've got what appears to be duplicate paths, where one is the remote and the other local.  I work in the local system, which saves to my computer, and then synchronize the two, via the latter's connection to the host, to push changes.  (On one occasion, I had re-opened the closed software to find my web project had disappeared -- this probably due to an issue with space on my hard-drive(!) which had caused my computer to crash and not save properly -- so I don't know if my re-writing the files or re-downloading them from the host was a causal factor in all this or whether it is always the case, regardless, so I'll need to look into it further and hope there aren't any issues going forward!)  Otherwise, Aptana's predictive text capability, if you will, is really, very convenient, as is the sort of confirmation it gives of the validity of elements and attributes.

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