Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I've really enjoyed delving deeper into internet programming with this class and wish we had more time to cover the material since it was so extensive.  Coding is preferable to writing prose and contemplating ethics, for me, so I wish this class were sixteen weeks and continuing on, rather than coming to an end.  I especially enjoyed studying AJAX and PHP.  I'm most glad to have learned about PDO database connections, GET and POST methods for client/server requests/responses like in the processing of form data, as well as uploading files with PHP, validation, user authentication, sessions, cookies, password encryption -- these were all new to me in the context of coding, whether we were using SQL, JQuery, PHP or AJAX.  My studies must continue before I reach a level of proficiency with which I will be pleased, but it's been a good start, a good foundation, and I am confident my hard work will eventually result in success.  Looking forward to applying what I've learned on web projects.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I don't have much to say this week, except that it's been good to review what I have studied in the past of JQuery and JavaScript.  I was surprised to learn that it's now recommended that small, internal scripts be placed between the head tags, rather than at the bottom of the body.  (If it is not small, one should link a separate .js file.)  Otherwise, I need to read a lot more documentation and step up my game, so as to move away from the elementary level, where I am currently.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Group Project: Streamflix

Our team project is a netflix-like clone with a webpage and databse for an online movie-streaming service, called Streamflix:


It's designed to be intuitive, users can register for an account, and you can see some of the movies that are available.

There is also a webpage for database manipulation language type commands, which you can visit via the link below, but please do not alter (too much), lest we lose the records we want added for the users of the page above:


This week, some of my team mates really stepped up and wrote some complex code.  We used JIRA for the first time, which proved an excellent resource for distributed task management -- I love it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


PHPmyAdmin is a simple GUI for importing and administering mySQL.  It auto-generates everything, which is efficient, yet procludes some detailing.  Or at least I had some issues with, specifically, changing some of the data types from VARCHAR(10) to DATE() or TIME(), after importing the .CSV, where relevant.  The intricacies of the GUI may have eluded me here, perhaps it required simply reloading the page, on second thought.

This is all great to learn, and I am driven to explore all angles of this material.  I'm also continuing to enjoy the exposure to the back-end, which is pretty new to me.

My colleague Joe listened to my griping about the lack of a task manager for our group assignments and took the initiative to set up our group with an Atlassian JIRA account, which I think is pretty freaking awesome.  Thanks, Joe!  Trello, Asana, might be some free options, but we really wanted to choose the one that we would use in the workplace and get more exposure to it.  Plus there's the Github integration, he says, which I'll look into this week as we complete the assignment.