Tuesday, August 2, 2016


PHPmyAdmin is a simple GUI for importing and administering mySQL.  It auto-generates everything, which is efficient, yet procludes some detailing.  Or at least I had some issues with, specifically, changing some of the data types from VARCHAR(10) to DATE() or TIME(), after importing the .CSV, where relevant.  The intricacies of the GUI may have eluded me here, perhaps it required simply reloading the page, on second thought.

This is all great to learn, and I am driven to explore all angles of this material.  I'm also continuing to enjoy the exposure to the back-end, which is pretty new to me.

My colleague Joe listened to my griping about the lack of a task manager for our group assignments and took the initiative to set up our group with an Atlassian JIRA account, which I think is pretty freaking awesome.  Thanks, Joe!  Trello, Asana, might be some free options, but we really wanted to choose the one that we would use in the workplace and get more exposure to it.  Plus there's the Github integration, he says, which I'll look into this week as we complete the assignment.

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