Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I've really enjoyed delving deeper into internet programming with this class and wish we had more time to cover the material since it was so extensive.  Coding is preferable to writing prose and contemplating ethics, for me, so I wish this class were sixteen weeks and continuing on, rather than coming to an end.  I especially enjoyed studying AJAX and PHP.  I'm most glad to have learned about PDO database connections, GET and POST methods for client/server requests/responses like in the processing of form data, as well as uploading files with PHP, validation, user authentication, sessions, cookies, password encryption -- these were all new to me in the context of coding, whether we were using SQL, JQuery, PHP or AJAX.  My studies must continue before I reach a level of proficiency with which I will be pleased, but it's been a good start, a good foundation, and I am confident my hard work will eventually result in success.  Looking forward to applying what I've learned on web projects.

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