Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ethics and Security of Self-driving Technology

Scrapbook #3: Team of hackers take remote control of Tesla Model S from 12 miles away

PDF of the same: 

Summary of article:

A team of Chinese security researchers from the company Keen Security were able to remotely access controls inside a Tesla Model S. They deployed a malicious wifi hotspot and gained entry through the web browser within the car. 

Reason article was selected:

I chose this article because it raises the ethical question of producing self driving software that may endanger the lives not just the operators of the vehicle, but also the populous at large.

Personal/social values at stake:

Innovative Technology can be thrilling, but when it’s dangerous we as a society must weigh the risks of bad actors who may use this technology for harm.

Self driving does have advantages as it can be safer than a human driver, but it is not without risks of its own.

Creditability of the source:

The Guardian is a reputable news source

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