Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Simple Android App

I had never created an app before this week's assignment, whether for Android or iPhone, so installing Android Studio and setting out to produce a simple, single activity for the Nexus 5 was really great.  I think it went pretty well.  Learning a new IDE can be frustrating; for example, I encountered some issues trying to refactor my module's name, which seemed to break everything, so I eventually began anew.  There might have been some file pathways that were written incorrectly or package titles that were off -- really, I'm not entirely certain.  Ultimately, however, building an AVD was very cool, and after I got the SDK configured, and every time the source did produce, I felt so, very excited, and ooohhhed and awwwed quite a lot at the marvelous virtual demonstration.  It's very impressive.  Otherwise, I spent a lot of time reading the various properties available, becoming accustomed to dragging and positioning the widgets, extracting resources and various other things, involved with developing for Android.  Overall, it was very impressive, very cool.

With respect to developing a recreational app, since in my spare time, I enjoy gardening, specifically, growing and planting native trees, especially Quercus Lobata, which is California's endemic Valley Oak..., I would like to build an app that allows for some geocaching of planting sites.  I doubt any universities would be interested because massive planting operations probably play a numbers game, simply planting specimens with the reasonable expectation that a fraction will survive.  Yet, then again, some naturalists might wish to return to examine the results, so it could, potentially, be academically useful in this way.

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