Saturday, February 25, 2017

Java Final's Week

Q & A
  • They say hindsight is 20/20, what advice would you give to the next cohort regarding this course?   
If I were to restart this course anew, I would request that pair programming occur within some app that allows for multiple users to view and control simultaneously the entire screen of code.  Screensharing by a driver precludes others but the driver from having unfettered access to or seeing of all the code, so that it's not readily possible to refer back or forth to other areas one may wish to view for clarification and understanding.  With that said, my colleagues were extremely professional and polite and would not hesitate to stop to allow me any view I requested, but this was only partially helpful and time consuming for all.

I must say, were it not for such an excellent team as I was fortunate to have, the assignments would have been far more difficult.  Yet, since I have a newborn baby for which to care and scheduling appointments is nearly impossible -- I must work in between her demands and can only focus while she is happy -- I would probably have requested an exception: that I work alone on all assignments -- that would have been far, far less stressful for me in terms of not having to schedule baby sitters and appointments.  ...This is simply an additional challenge for me, at present.
  • How much do you envision using the skills you gained in this course in your career?
It would be fantastic to obtain a job programming with Java because I really enjoy doing so, perhaps more than any other language.  Similarly, using Android Studio to program a simple app. was great -- absolutely the highlight of this course for me.  I'll continue to study it and its tools.

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