Friday, April 21, 2017

Onward and Upward

Not much to add, having finished my service learning opportunity earlier in the week.  Looking forward to the algorithms and programming courses to come!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mission Accomplished

I'm so pleased to have completed my final hours this week.  I was only able to complete the minimal 30 hours, in total, and have moved on to completing the final paper and documentary projects.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Volunteering Update 2

I accomplished six hours of volunteering this week, which should leave me over ten hours short of the minimal 30 hours of work required to complete the course, as the total now is 18.  I'll have to commit long shifts over the next week to make up the difference.  Studying automation is going well.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is a wonderful organization that is training young black girls to code and thereby access jobs in technology.  It’s a movement to empower them to succeed and prosper in the tech. economy and, moreover, in our country as a whole.  Right now, only 3% of coders are women of color, so there are so many young, bright girls, in specific, black girls, who are missing out on this great opportunity to join this robust workforce.  Indeed, our country is failing so many of its own children by failing to track talented kids on the jobs of the future.

Ida’s story is telling; here, a young black girl shows up to a workshop simply because her parents tell her she should; she doesn’t really know what coding is all about; once she is exposed to it, she learns she loves it, to build and create; she simply needed the exposure, mentorship and encouragement.

It's truly an excellent organization that I would be happy to volunteer with and support one day.

With respect to my volunteer assignment, I only managed two hours of work this week.  There are several groups for which to enter in data, again, some of which are in flux, so I chose to enter in only the info. for those which are supposedly static, and, still only half, since I am splitting that part of the assignment with my colleague also assigned to the Sea Otter Classic.