Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Algorithms and Software Engineering!

It's great to be enrolled in CST370 and 438.  In terms of my progress:  this week I'm glad to finally be spelling the word 'algorithm' correctly, i.e., without requiring reference or outside verification.  ...Just joking.  But it's just smashing to be studying algorithms; I love them and approaching a problem with greater precision and the confidence that it can be solved, to analyze the ways that a given solution is better or worse than another and, even to understand the solution before beginning coding....  Problem solving is very entertaining.

I'm plunging into the deep end with C++, which is great because it really expands my exposure to what is a new language, and I always enjoy writing with Java.

Learning about agile methodology, its advantages and controversies, is very interesting and useful, as well.  I wonder if I'll be involved in sprints and daily reporting to a scrum master sometime next year -- that would be awesome.  I had better continue to study.

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