Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Job Hunting and Interviewing

It's time to start thinking about where to work post-graduation.  Finding a dream job requires hard work, talent, luck and a strategy.  Here are some tactics one may try, according to monster.com:
  • Contact professional organizations in one's field
  • Visit specific company's/organization's web sites, not just job boards
  • Apply directly to organizations that are of interest
  • Network, network, network
  • Join professional associations
  • Participate in job fairs
  • Use a placement agency or recruiter/headhunter
  • Consider temping
If one is fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to interview, here are 11 tips to follow to make one's case, also according to monster.com:
  • Practice good non-verbal communication, like standing straight, making good eye contact
  • Dress for the job or company
  • Listen
  • Don't talk too much, ramble
  • Don't be too familiar
  • Use appropriate language
  • Don't be cocky
  • Take care to answer the questions
  • Ask questions
  • Don't appear desperate
  • Prepare one's answers to potential, likely questions in advance

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