Monday, May 7, 2018

native, Swift iOS app via XCode!

I have such a sense of urgency with respect to building my app that it's almost hindering my progress!  But, joking aside, I've been given the good advice to avoid this pitfall by plugging along with more manageable, smaller parts, which is where I've kept my focus this week.  This week's progress has included implementing some of the app's architecture, connecting or stacking app scenes with navigation controllers, adding textual content as well as design and graphical assets.  The latter assets caused some delay, whilst I waited for them to be sent over.  I also switched gears and spent much work time completing the ILP, which is almost finished.  It was a mistake to hand code it because, even though I used the bootstrap framework, it still took longer than I had to give to it.  Otherwise, I won't spend too much time on this journal this week because I wrote about the effective meeting last week and am just really anxious to spend all my time building, programming.

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