Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Penultimate Week

I've read about resilience and the ability to keep calm under pressure, and such are valuable qualities after which, in spite of depression, demoralization or stress, I aspire to attain. This week, there was limited success toward that end.  I didn't proceed with taking the ETS test because of an issue with the materials requirements, but now have the opportunity to reschedule, thankfully.  However, this, in combination with report writing, producing the presentation and completing the app, makes for a tremendous amount of work yet to do. The pressure of it all is great, and I am struggling to keep my head down and keep going.  Completing work to the best of my abilities, submitting work that represents what I have learned and, hopefully, learned well, has always been important to me, even a part of my identity, (which is not to say that it is well or best -- certainly not), but I am probably going to have to let work that is done take place of what it could better be... in some other life....  *Rolls eyes.*  To be fair, eight weeks is just too brief, perhaps, for these assignments and project.  Of course, this is an important lesson in scoping and committing.  Still, I am working around what I must, and am learning a great deal.  Despite this sort of depressing journal entry, overall I'm actually really enjoying this class because it has given me the opportunity to develop a project in which I have such a strong interest.

There was, overall, positive feedback from the client on the app.  It’s looking good, but there is, again, still work to be done to get it fully functional and publishable.  I'm still working on the subscriber's wish data, which is most important.  We were able to complete two of four tasks in our testing.  This next weekend will be an all out push to complete as much as I can to get it to that substantial place, lacking some important stuff like extensive security or, otherwise, the "bells and whistles" that I would like to have had, for some examples, an oscillating logo upon entry to the app, special tabs icons designed myself, which will all probably be in combination with more report writing and the producing of the presentation, so it's going to be very challenging, indeed.